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london vegan festival 7th September 2008


There was a range of interesting workshops, speakers and performers at the London

Vegan Fesival on 7th September. This was the timetable.

Room A: Downstairs

12 - 12.50 SHAC/Speak Campaigns
An update on these two important and dynamic anti-vivisection campaigns
1 - 1.50 Everybody Needs To Exhale, with Genene Edwards Genene brings her extensive teaching experience to this workshop where she will teach the main 'hands on' massage techniques for addressing all upper body tensions including shoulders, neck, hands and head.  Informative and fun you will leave feeling energised and inspired to give friends and family a relaxing and de-stressing upper body massage.
2 - 2.50 Informal Gathering for vegan parents and their young children aged 0-5 Facilitated by vegan mother, Chrissy Leyland.
3 - 3.50 Launch of the London Vegan Buddies Scheme Not everyone is lucky enough to have friends or family who are vegan and so switching to a vegan diet can be a daunting experience. Vegan buddies provide that all important support, from suggesting quick and easy recipes to pointing out hidden ingredients. This workshop is the official launch of London Vegan Buddies. If you would like a vegan buddy or are interested in becoming one, please attend this workshop or contact Vegan Campaigns.
4 - 4.50 Kitchen Cosmetics As a child, Nazama Azmat learnt many tricks from her mother and grandmother about using natural kitchen ingredients as cosmetics. Nazama will show us how we can use simple vegan every-day ingredients to make effective cosmetics. If you attend the talk, you will have the opportunity to smell and test some of the cosmetics, and go away with some useful recipes.
5 - 5.50 Om Meditation and Deep Relaxation
with Debbie Joy
Chant the sacred sound Om to encourage a deep interconnectedness within the self, with others and with the wider world. Relax to melt emotional and physical tensions, revitalise and refresh.
6 - 6.50 Gareth Zeal - Plant Based Sports Nutrition Gareth is a leading expert in sports nutrition and as well as being vegan for many years he is also an Aiki – Jitsu master, a former powerlifter and also nutritional adviser to a number of Premiership football clubs in the not too distant past. An excellent speaker, he will guide you through all the mysteries surrounding the vegan lifestyle and achieving the highest level of success both in competitive and relaxational sport.


Room B: Downstairs

12 - 12.50

A View From Downunder

Elizabeth Usher has been working in the animal rights movement in Australia for eight years.  She will discuss her use of poems and songs as a platform to raise awareness about animal issues, with a particular focus on the recent anti-fur campaign www.endthesufFURing.org
1 - 1.50 Hemp and the environment Kenyon Gibson is the author of the book Hemp for Victory, and the hempforvictory.blogspot.com blog.  He will talk about the history and cultivation of hemp, its environmental impact in farming and benefits of cultivation for seed/oil.
Sagar Shah, author of blog, hempreneur.wordpress.com, will talk about the nutritional benefits of hemp.  In the last few years, he has made a well researched transition towards sustainable plants like hemp and flax.  Learn why hemp protein is the best plant for our health and the planet.  His diet consists of shelled hemp seed, hemp seed oil and hemp protein powder, with hemp seed milk on the way.  A brief review of the UK and foreign brands will be covered.  Hemp prize draw will be held.
2 - 2.50 Christianity and the Vegan diet - Our Hope for the Future? Fr John Ryder - Anglican Priest  and Christian Vegetarian Association of the United Kingdom (CVAUK) Spokesperson will lead a discussion on:
"What does the Bible tell us about God's initial diet in the Garden of Eden and his final diet in his New Creation - The Peaceable Kingdom? In this present age, the Kingdom of God is earthed in every act of love, when justice is done, temptation and violence resisted, peace is made and true freedom is sought and won, not only for the human race but for all of God's creation".
3 - 3.50 Foxes and People The Fox Project is primarily a wildlife information bureau and a wildlife hospital specialising in foxes.  However, the most vital and life-saving aspect of its work is a service whereby, annually, thousands of folk who are not fox-friendly are given help and advice on humane fox deterrence as an alternative to relocation or destruction.
4 - 4.50 Legal Discussion Workshop What are your rights when campaigning or attending a demonstration? This workshop and discussion will explore how the courts and the police are being used to repress animal rights campaigns and what we can do about it. For example the use of SOCPA (Serious Organised Crime and Police Act) to criminalise anti-vivisection campaigns, and the use of POHA the Protection from Harassment Act to stifle legitimate protest.
5 - 5.50 Vegan campaigning workshop Learn and share tips on local vegan campaigning. There will be a chance to exchange ideas and views.
6 - 6.50 Meditation workshop, run by Margaret Barron
The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK), promotes the principles and practise of Raja Yoga through educational programmes, events, projects and publications, bringing together people of all religious, ethnic and socio- economic backgrounds. Raja Yoga meditation is a method of relaxing, refreshing and clearing the mind and heart. It helps you look inside to rediscover and reconnect with your original, spiritual essence. Meditation enables an integration of your spiritual identity with the social and physical realities around you, restoring a functional and healthy balance between your inner and outer worlds.

Open Space (downstairs)

12 - 12.20 Lenny the Lion and Ann's Story Time
Ann Harriman from Animal Aid, and her cuddly friend Lenny the Lion, tell a lively story about a young lion who likes other animals so much, he prefers to play with them than eat them!  Aimed at children aged 8 and under.

12.30 - 1.20 Dip dyeing workshop for children A workshop for children of all ages. Facilitated by Alison Coe.
1.30 - 1.50 Stories and Puppets Pauline comes to the London Vegan Festival telling her magical and funny stories with the help of her puppets.
2 - 2.50 Learn How to Make Raw Vegan Chocolate Catherine Parker will run a workshop for adults to show how to make delicious chocolate hearts which are vegan, raw and healthy. She will also answer questions about the raw food lifestyle and offer tips on how to increase the level of raw foods in your diet. The workshop is open to 10 participants, so please sign up early on Catherine 's stall. People are welcome to watch. Read more...
3 - 3.20 Ann's Story Time Ann Harriman of Animal Aid uses her theatrical skills to tell an uplifting and positive story about a boy who is bullied at school, called 'Benji Bean Sprout Doesn't Eat Meat'. This delightful story is aimed at children aged 8 upwards.
3.30 - 4.10 Magic Show Simon will delight and amuse with his magic show aimed at children of all ages, including grown up ones!
4.30 - 4.50 Stories and Puppets Pauline comes to the London Vegan Festival telling her magical and funny stories with the help of her puppets.
5 onwards Drawing Time A relaxed and informal opportunity for children to spend some time drawing.


Small Hall (upstairs)

12 - 12.20 Nick Weaver Nick writes, produces and performs Positive Music. A relatively new category which is growing rapidly in America and beginning to reach out to the rest of the world. This is non-religious, inspirational music, which focuses on encouraging and supporting self belief and personal growth. Read more...
12.30 - 12.50 Jennie B Songs, poems, tangential conversation.
1 - 1.50 Robb Johnson Renowned vegan singer and songwriter. "Creator of some of the most potent songs of the last decade" fRoots
2 - 2.20 Tracey Curtis Acoustic / Pop Punk / Folk singer with a political edge.
2.30 - 2.50 Powered by Tofu Chris Bonner will amuse and delight the audience with humorous songs that carry serious messages.
3 - 3.20 Andrew O'Neill Andrew O'Neill is one of the country's most exciting stand-up comedians and has been vegan for over a decade. He has been on television alongside Steve Coogan, had countless sketches broadcast on BBC Radio One and has toured the country with solo shows. He will be performing stand-up, including - among other things - his observations on being vegan and getting arrested on an HLS demo! Read more...
3.30 - 3.50 Blabbermouth
"Original, refreshing, off-kilter and talented BLABBERMOUTH'S set is by turns hilarious, anthemic, surreal and delightful. Day to day observations are dished up with deadpan humour, and philosophical issues revamped so that even the prospect of your own death seems like a good laugh. If Eddie Izzard could sing and play guitar this is what you might expect." Amanda Glyn, Troubadour Manager

4 - 4.50 Delectable Desserts - The nutritious and delicious guide to creating the healthiest sweet treats at home!  Learn how to make sweet treats in the comfort of your own home that are not only highly nutritious, vegan friendly and easy to make, but are also absolutely delicious and full of superfoods! Jessica Fenton, raw food coach to the stars, will be giving you a range of top tips and important info to get you started, from her new release recipe DVD 'Delectable Desserts.' Delectable Desserts is out Monday 1st September and pre-orders are available from www.totalrawfood.com
5 - 5.20 Blue Accessible, accoustic pop.
5.30 - 5.50 Michael Phillips Michael Phillips plays an eclectic collection of music influenced by sounds from around the world and around the corner.
"has a hint of Nick Drake on Prozak.... very refreshing!" By Aquatopia. Read more...
6 - 6.20 Harry Bonnie Outstanding and magnetic comedian, vegan since 1961. In good shape, full head of hair, eighty-three years of age. Clean act, laughs at own jokes!
6.30 - 7.45 Speed Meeting

Come and meet other people. Speed meeting differs from speed dating - its open to everyone. Its a chance to meet others for campaigning, networking and socialising. If you would like to book on, visit the Vegan Campaigns stall in the Main Hall at the festival. Over 18s only.

Click on the links above for more information about each performer.

Committee Room 1 (upstairs in the building opposite the entrance)

1 - 1.50 White Meat Myths - Amanda Woodvine, Vegetarian Vegan Foundation A compelling talk revealing the health consequences of eating white meat. There will be a chance for general nutritional questions and answers at the end of the session.
2 - 2.50 Peak oil, Transition towns and the inevitable rise of veganism - Richard Barnett Richard Barnett has been running The Barn Vegetarian Guest House in Ashurst (www.veggiebarn.net), with his partner Sandra, for the past four years.  The Barn has a strong environmental emphasis and became exclusively vegan on 1 January 2008.  Richard is also the Editor of Ethical Junction's on line news and information forum Ethical Pulse (www.ethical-junction/ethicalpulse).  He has been an active environmentalist for the past 30 years. This year he has been heading up a campaign - funded by the New Forest National Park Authority's Sustainable Development Fund -  to reduce plastic bag usage in Ashurst.
3 - 3.50 Patrick James - The 'Ride for GOALS' Film Showing The ‘Ride for GOALS’ is the story of an Englishman’s attempt to bicycle his way across America to raise money for animal sanctuaries while only eating a vegan diet. Will Patrick survive the gruelling 3500 miles? Or will he conk out and become the common vision of a pasty faced vegan in need of a hearty traditional meal? Patrick will be available after the film showing to answer questions.
4 - 4.50 Sea Shepherd Sea Shepherd will be showing a 25 minute 'brief history of Sea Shepherd' followed by a worldwide and UK update and then questions.


Committee Room 2 (upstairs in the building opposite the entrance)

1 - 1.50 Paul Blanchard - Foie Gras Free York In 2007, York Council agreed to ban foie gras. Paul will speak about this victory, offer tips to those planning an anti foie gras campaign, and offer a chance to share campaigning ideas.
2 - 2.50 The History of Chickens' Lib - Clare Druce Clare and her mother, Violet Spalding co-founded Chickens' Lib in the early '70s, after Ruth Harrison's "Animal Machines" (1964) had alerted them to the horrors of animal food production. They decided to do what they could to oppose factory farming and chose to concentrate on the battery hen system. First, it was a matter of finding out all they could about the subject, then writing letters to those in power, and demonstrating in as many imaginative ways possible. Gradually they gathered a band of supporters. Chickens' Lib (aka Farm Animal Welfare Network) has played its part in achieving the 2012 EU ban on cages. But the ban is flawed. The so-called "enriched" cage will remain legal even after 2012. There's still much to be done. Hear more at this thought provoking talk.  
3 - 3.50 Challenges towards a sustainable global future - the vegan viability beyond mere diet and cuisine (updating the African  Model's report) This thought provoking talk by Ben Israel, will cover the impact that the current project in Africa has accomplished including challenges and short-comings. It will touch on future direction and the philosophy on creating a national model that provides much more that a human based health index. It will layout the understanding that health of the environmental ecology is relatively tied to the individual health. As such unless the vegan effort includes the essence for creating an environmental conscious mindset and lifestyle the gains of being a vegan seriously falls short of its inherent potential.
4 - 4.50 Animal Rights and Companion Animals: A Contradiction? - Lee Hall, Friends of Animals Can people who rescue and care for animals confront the system that keeps animals down? Must activists choose between being rescuers and advancing animal rights? Lee Hall's second book will take on topics such as the role of rescue, and our love for cats and dogs. These ideas will be shared during this presentation, and feedback welcomed.

Please note, this timetable is subject to change.

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